Patch 7.8 Skins (Release Skins for Xayah and Rakan)

A new patch means a new load of skins, and Patch 7.8 does not disappoint. This time around, we will be seeing a total of four new skins, and they are quite a sight.

Conqueror Karma (975 RP)


First up, we have Conqueror Karma. Every year, Riot releases at least one new skin dealing with the competitive aspect of the game. They usually celebrate either the start of a season, the middle of a season, or even the most popular champion during a season.  This time, Karma was chosen to receive the honors.


The skin features lots of deep reds and gold. I quite like the color scheme. I prefer this shade of red over the Valentines-y shade that is usually chosen.


Conqueror Karma will boast a new model, new particles, new visual effects, and a new recall animation. The skin will be a legacy skin, which means it will only be in the shop for a limited time upon release. Purchases of the skin will contribute to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2017 prize pool, so the funds will be going to a good cause. Be sure to grab the skin while you can when it is released.

Cosmic Blade Master Yi (1350 RP)



Last year, Riot began a new skin line with the release of Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. The skin was such a hit that now, the line will be expanded with three new skins. Behold, Cosmic Blade Master Yi. yiw

Featuring a pretty beautiful range of colors, this skin has everything you’d expect a galactic-themed skin to have, complete with constellations.


The skin is scheduled to be 1350 RP and as far as we know, will NOT be a legacy skin. Cosmic Blade Master Yi has a new model and texture, new particles and sound effects, and a new recall in which we see Yi prepare for a blink through time and space. I am not much of a Yi player, but if I were, I would definitely be adding this skin to my collection.

Cosmic Dusk Xayah (1350 RP)



Last week, we saw the release of new champions Rakan and Xayah on the PBE! With every new champion comes a new skin, and this duo is no different. Gaze upon the beauty of Cosmic Dusk Xayah.


Featuring dark blues and white, Cosmic Dusk Xayah is ready to slay her enemies. Her basic attacks bring constellation-like visuals and are really stunning. Riot spared no expenses in the creation of this skin.


Cosmic Dusk Xayah has a new model and texture, all-new particles, new enchanting sound effects, and a new recall animation. Get ready, she should be landing soon.

Cosmic Dawn Rakan (1350 RP)



I have saved my personal favorite for last. Feast -ahem- Place your eyes upon Cosmic Dawn Rakan. Much akin to his female lover, this skin features the beauty of the sun, whereas Xayah’s skin is dark and moon-like.


Shades of orange and purple make up Rakan’s cape, and his head literally blazes with the fire of a thousand suns. His attire reminds me of a sunrise.


Cosmic Dawn Rakan is sporting a new model and textures, new particles and sound effects, and a new recall animation in which he seems to dance with the sun. Be on the lookout for this skin soon, and prepare yourself for a release bundle paired with Cosmic Dusk Xayah. Save yourself a bit of cash by taking this route.

That’s it for Patch 7.8’s skins. Again, my favorite is hands-down Cosmic Dawn Rakan. I cannot wait to play him. What’s your favorite? Let me know!

See you next week, Summoners!

*Photos via Surrender at 20


Patch 7.7 Begins

Hey, Summoners! The PBE has been updated and features quite a bit of new content! The 7.7 patch cycle has officially begun. It looks like we will be seeing a new legendary Lee Sin skin (say that five times fast!), a new Darius skin obtainable through hextech crafting, and Karma’s splash arts have been remade!

God Fist Lee Sin (1820 RP)


God Fist Lee Sin is a sight for sore eyes. I imagine that this skin is exactly what Lee Sin mains have been waiting for. Lee Sin hasn’t gotten a new skin for quite some time. The last skin that was released for him was Knockout Lee Sin two years ago.



God Fist Lee Sin has an all-new model and textures, all new visual effects, a completely revamped voice-over and  special effects, and new animations. And he’s golden! I assume this is to give him the aura of a divine being. Anyone who did not fear Lee Sin before definitely has something to fear now. I may or may not be talking about myself. Lee Sin terrifies me. God Fist Lee Sin is scheduled to be a Legendary skin priced at 1820 RP. Expect him to dash onto the Rift soon.

Check out the God Fist Lee Sin skin spotlight, courtesy of SkinSpotlights!

Dreadnova Darius (Hextech Crafting)

Dreadnova Darius


The Dreadnova skin line was first introduced to League in January with the introduction of Dreadnova Gangplank. This time around, Darius is receiving intergalactic powers.


Dreadnova Darius showcases a new model and textures, new particles, new sound effects, and a new recall animation. Around this time last year, Hextech Annie was released. This was the first skin that could only be obtained via the Hextech Crafting system. Since then, Soulstealer Vayne was added to that list, and now Dreadnova Darius will be the third skin that can only be obtained by forging ten purple gemstones together. These gemstones are obtained by opening hextech chests and are pretty rare. Since their release, I have only managed to obtain about seven of them. The super lucky Summoners among us also have a chance to win the Dreadnova Darius skin shard, but the odds of that happening are slim. For those hoping to add this skin to your arsenal, may the odds be in your favor!

New Karma Splash Arts


Some time ago, Riot began revamping really old splash arts to bring them up to par with the game’s current graphics. A lot has changed graphically since League of Legends began. This time around, Karma was due for splash art updates and it looks like we’ll finally be getting them.

Below, I will post the new and old versions of each splash art so that they can be compared.

Sun Goddess Karma

Sun Goddess Karma (new)
Sun Goddess Karma (old)

Sakura Karma

Sakura Karma (new)
Sakura Karma (old)

Traditional Karma

Traditional Karma (new)
Traditional Karma (old)

Order of the Lotus Karma

OotL Karma (new)
OotL Karma (old)

As you can see, the old splash arts absolutely needed to be redone. Their quality was just not up to par with the current standards. Since Order of the Lotus Karma was the newest of these, very little was changed in this splash art. Details near her eyes were the only changes made. I quite like these and think the graphics team did an amazing job.

Patch 7.7 is off to quite the adventurous start. I wonder what we’ll see next. Stay tuned to find out! Which new upcoming update is your favorite?

Photo credit: Surrender at 20

April Fools is Coming to the Rift!

Who isn’t a fan of April Fools Day? Well, let’s be honest. Only the pranksters at heart wait for this holiday to roll around. Regardless of whether or not you’re the prankster or the preyed on, four new skins are making their way into Summoner’s Rift in time for April Fools Day!

First up, we have my personal favorite:

Moo Cow Alistar (975 RP)


Complete with utters, a milk jug, and a bell, there is really not much missing from this hilarious skin. Alistar was a perfect candidate for this skin, being that his default skin is that of a bull. A cow costume on a bull… that is utterly amazing. Come on, that is comic gold.


This skin is scheduled to be 975 RP, complete with a new model and textures, new particle effects, new special effects (SFX) for his recall and dance animations, and a completely new recall and dance animation. I personally wish this skin would have been named “Cowlistar,” but the cow onesie easily makes up for that. Moo Cow Alistar will be moo’in onto the rift in a few weeks. Make room for the cow!

Pug’Maw (975 RP)


Next we have Pug’Maw. Isn’t he adorable and cuddly? Well, you might think that BEFORE you see him projectile vomit tennis balls at other champions. I feel like a nice job was done on this skin. For those who are fans of Kog’Maw, then you are probably getting the best of both worlds because who doesn’t love a cute puppy?


This skin is also scheduled to be 975 RP and will be sporting a new model and textures, brand new particles, a new idle animation and recall, as well as new special effects for the aforementioned idle and recall. Roll over! Play dead! Fetch! You’ll be able to play with your new pet in the coming weeks!

Super Kennen (750 RP)


Here we have Super Kennen. A little, tiny, Yordle version of The Flash! He’s no Barry Allen, but he’s still cute and has super strength in addition to his lightning fast abilities. It doesn’t get much more adorable… umm, excuse me, I meant to say heroic, than throwing lightning bolts at your enemies.


This skin’s price is set at 750 RP and comes with a new model and new textures, new particles on his Q ability, as well as new particles on his basic attacks. Super Kennen will be dashing to Summoner’s Rift soon. He still has some bad guys to beat up before he can make his way to us.

Renektoy (750 RP)


Meet Renektoy, the coolest new action figure on the market! Everyone has a favorite toy, whether it be your desktop computer or a sentimental object from your childhood. Soon, you can add this skin to your collection.  I  really like the simplicity of this skin. Something so simple, yet so cool. I look at this skin and it immediately reminds me of Toy Story, which is all-time favorite film of mine. If you have not seen it, you should! I think Andy would approve.


Renektoy is scheduled to cost 750 RP, and features a new model and textures, new visual effects for his ultimate ability, and new special effects for what may possibly be the saddest death animation you will ever see.

P.S. Do you see what I mean now? Why couldn’t they do this with Alistar? Combine his champion name with his skin name. COWlistar! Come on!

There you have it, Summoners. Summoner’s Rift is sure to be full of fun as April Fools Day approaches. Which skin is your favorite? Let me know!