Patch 7.8 Skins (Release Skins for Xayah and Rakan)

A new patch means a new load of skins, and Patch 7.8 does not disappoint. This time around, we will be seeing a total of four new skins, and they are quite a sight.

Conqueror Karma (975 RP)


First up, we have Conqueror Karma. Every year, Riot releases at least one new skin dealing with the competitive aspect of the game. They usually celebrate either the start of a season, the middle of a season, or even the most popular champion during a season.  This time, Karma was chosen to receive the honors.


The skin features lots of deep reds and gold. I quite like the color scheme. I prefer this shade of red over the Valentines-y shade that is usually chosen.


Conqueror Karma will boast a new model, new particles, new visual effects, and a new recall animation. The skin will be a legacy skin, which means it will only be in the shop for a limited time upon release. Purchases of the skin will contribute to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2017 prize pool, so the funds will be going to a good cause. Be sure to grab the skin while you can when it is released.

Cosmic Blade Master Yi (1350 RP)



Last year, Riot began a new skin line with the release of Cosmic Reaver Kassadin. The skin was such a hit that now, the line will be expanded with three new skins. Behold, Cosmic Blade Master Yi. yiw

Featuring a pretty beautiful range of colors, this skin has everything you’d expect a galactic-themed skin to have, complete with constellations.


The skin is scheduled to be 1350 RP and as far as we know, will NOT be a legacy skin. Cosmic Blade Master Yi has a new model and texture, new particles and sound effects, and a new recall in which we see Yi prepare for a blink through time and space. I am not much of a Yi player, but if I were, I would definitely be adding this skin to my collection.

Cosmic Dusk Xayah (1350 RP)



Last week, we saw the release of new champions Rakan and Xayah on the PBE! With every new champion comes a new skin, and this duo is no different. Gaze upon the beauty of Cosmic Dusk Xayah.


Featuring dark blues and white, Cosmic Dusk Xayah is ready to slay her enemies. Her basic attacks bring constellation-like visuals and are really stunning. Riot spared no expenses in the creation of this skin.


Cosmic Dusk Xayah has a new model and texture, all-new particles, new enchanting sound effects, and a new recall animation. Get ready, she should be landing soon.

Cosmic Dawn Rakan (1350 RP)



I have saved my personal favorite for last. Feast -ahem- Place your eyes upon Cosmic Dawn Rakan. Much akin to his female lover, this skin features the beauty of the sun, whereas Xayah’s skin is dark and moon-like.


Shades of orange and purple make up Rakan’s cape, and his head literally blazes with the fire of a thousand suns. His attire reminds me of a sunrise.


Cosmic Dawn Rakan is sporting a new model and textures, new particles and sound effects, and a new recall animation in which he seems to dance with the sun. Be on the lookout for this skin soon, and prepare yourself for a release bundle paired with Cosmic Dusk Xayah. Save yourself a bit of cash by taking this route.

That’s it for Patch 7.8’s skins. Again, my favorite is hands-down Cosmic Dawn Rakan. I cannot wait to play him. What’s your favorite? Let me know!

See you next week, Summoners!

*Photos via Surrender at 20


Champion Showcase: Lux

It’s been a quiet week on Summoner’s Rift, with the majority of new upcoming content being comprised of the contents of last week’s blog post. Because of this, I thought it might be fun to do things a little differently this week.

There are over 100 champions in League of Legends, and everyone has a favorite. There are mages and marksmen, as well as tanks and supports. A current favorite of mine has got to be Lux: The Lady of Luminosity. 

Lux is a magician (mage), whose abilities deal solely with the light that she is is captivated by. She was one of the very first champions that I purchased, and her Spellthief Skin was the first skin that I bought for her. I was much younger back then, so the fact that I had saved up enough money to buy a skin for her made me really proud.

Spellthief Lux

Lux’s Abilities

Lux’s abilities are fairly straightforward.

Her Q ability, Light Binding, binds and deals damage to up to two enemies. This is a great ability to use when wanting to initiate a fight. Landing a successful Q gives your team the signal to unleash everything they have upon the enemy.

Light Binding

Lux’s W ability, Prismatic Barrier, is a protective ability that grants a shield to any ally that it touches. A shield is received when the Barrier is thrown out and another shield is received when the shield is attracted back to Lux, like a boomerang.

Prismatic Barrier

Her E ability, Lucent Singularity, is one in which Lux tosses out an orb of light into an area, creating a field that slows any enemies that are within it. The orb detonates after five seconds, damaging any enemies in it’s area. Lux can activate the ability again if she wishes to detonate the orb before the five seconds passes.

Lucent Singularity

Possibly her greatest ability of all, her ultimate (R) ability, Final Spark, is used to damage enemies that are further away. Lux gathers all of the light energy in her arsenal and fires a beam of light that damages all enemies in its wake.

A successful combo of her Q, E, and R abilities can have an enemy taken care of in a split second.


Lux’s arsenal of skins is incredible. As an old champion, she’s amassed quite a few skins over time. Her most recent skin is Elementalist Lux. This is the fourth ultimate skin to grace League of Legends, and easily my favorite. Ultimate skins are different in that they offer a completely revisualised champion look. Everything is new, from the outfit and animations to the voice and sound effects. In this particular skin, Lux can wield the power of different elements, which make her abilities look different according to whatever element she chooses to wield.


Elementalist Lux

Another favorite is Star Guardian Lux. As the first skin in the Star Guardian skin line, Star Guardian Lux was an immediate fan favorite.

Star Guardian Lux

The next few skins are her older skins and there really isn’t anything special about them. They are basic skins that basically just grant her a new outfit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As one of League’s oldest champions, Lux has seen her fair share of changes over the years, but they have all come together to make her the powerful sorceress that she is. As of Patch 7.6, Lux is sporting a completely revamped voice-over, bringing her more in line with the updated voice from the Elementalist Skin. Her old voice lines were reworked and some new ones were added, as well.

That about sums it up for The Lady of Luminosity. Lux is one of the very first champions that I played, and I have loved her ever since. She is not too hard to play that a beginner couldn’t learn her, but once she is mastered, she’s near unstoppable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different blog. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like? What champion is your favorite? I’d love to know!

Photos obtained via a combination of League and Surrender at 20.