Welcome, Rakan and Xayah

Love is in the air, and it isn’t even February! League’s newest champions are now on the PBE, and what a sight they are. Enter Rakan, the Charmer and Xayah, the Rebel! This is the first time that two champions have ever been released as a pair. They are also the first champions to enter the Rift as an entirely new race, the mysterious Vastayan.



I think I’m in love. Meet Rakan. Devilishly handsome and he knows it.


Rakan is a support mage whose abilities truly go back to the roots of a true support champion.

Rakan’s passive, Fey Feathers, grant him an occasional shield, by means of his coat. The cooldown of this ability can be reduced by attacking enemy champions.

Rakan’s Q ability, Gleaming Quill, has Rakan sling an enchanted feather forward. If the feather makes contact with an enemy champion or epic monster, damage is dealt and his coat surges with magic. After a short time, a heal will trigger. If Rakan touches an ally before this time passes, the heal will trigger immediately.


Rakan’s W, Grand Entrance, consists of Rakan dashing to an area. Upon arrival, Rakan damages any enemies in the area and knocks them up for 1 second.

Rakan’s E is Battle Dance. Rakan flies to an allied champion, granting them a shield for 3 seconds. The ability can be recast once within 5 seconds. If it is Xayah that Rakan is flying to, he can do so from a greater distance (relationship goals).

Rakan’s R (ultimate) ability is The Quickness. Rakan gains 50% movement speed for 4 seconds. During this time, touching enemy champions deals magic damage and charms them the first time they are hit. The first champion Rakan touches will grant him an additional 150% movement speed, which decays over a short period of time.



Meet the love of Rakan’s life, Xayah. She’s also a murderous rebel with a mysterious past.


Xayah is an Attack Damage Carry (ADC), whose abilities feature feathers that cause a world of hurt.

Xayah’s passive is Clean Cuts. After using any ability, Xayah’s next 3 basic attacks will pierce through their targets, leaving a  feather wherever they land. These feathers remain on the ground for 8 seconds and serve a purpose in her other abilities.

Xayah’s Q, Double Daggers, features Xayah throwing 2 knives that deal attack damage and leave behind 2 feathers.


In Xayah’s W, Deadly Plumage, she creates a storm of blades that surround her for 4 seconds. This storm grants Xayah additional attack speed and also allow her basic attacks to strike an additional time for 20% damage. If Deadly Plumage hits an enemy champion, Xayah gains 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds. If Rakan is nearby, he will also gain the effects that this ability grants.

During Xayah’s E, Bladecaller, she calls forth all of the feathers that are on the ground. Any enemies these feathers strike through upon return to her will take attack damage. If at least 3 feathers hit an enemy, they will be rooted for 1 second. Minions will take 50% damage from Bladecaller.

Xayah’s R (ultimate) ability is Featherstorm. Xayah leaps into the air and becomes untargetable (that will be so much fun to do but so annoying to play against). She then rains down feathers which deal physical damage and leave behind a line of feathers. As if this ability were not amazing enough, she can also move while in the air.


These new champions seem amazingly impressive. And who doesn’t love a love story? I have personally never been as excited as I am now for new champions. I enjoy playing both support and ADC, and my boyfriend and I often play in bot lane together. In addition to the fact that they look stunning, they seem genuinely fun to play. I also like that some of their abilities grant them perks when used nearby one another. I am also excited for their lore. It will be nice to have a background for them. This new race seems very promising, as do they. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!

I mean, come on. Look at that. How can you not be in love?

What do you think of this pair? I’d love to know! Stay tuned for next week, where I will be discussing the new skins in Patch 7.8, and yes, Rakan and Xayah will each have one. I suppose you’ll have to come back to see them. 😉

Photos obtained via League of Legends.


Patch 7.7 Begins

Hey, Summoners! The PBE has been updated and features quite a bit of new content! The 7.7 patch cycle has officially begun. It looks like we will be seeing a new legendary Lee Sin skin (say that five times fast!), a new Darius skin obtainable through hextech crafting, and Karma’s splash arts have been remade!

God Fist Lee Sin (1820 RP)


God Fist Lee Sin is a sight for sore eyes. I imagine that this skin is exactly what Lee Sin mains have been waiting for. Lee Sin hasn’t gotten a new skin for quite some time. The last skin that was released for him was Knockout Lee Sin two years ago.



God Fist Lee Sin has an all-new model and textures, all new visual effects, a completely revamped voice-over and  special effects, and new animations. And he’s golden! I assume this is to give him the aura of a divine being. Anyone who did not fear Lee Sin before definitely has something to fear now. I may or may not be talking about myself. Lee Sin terrifies me. God Fist Lee Sin is scheduled to be a Legendary skin priced at 1820 RP. Expect him to dash onto the Rift soon.

Check out the God Fist Lee Sin skin spotlight, courtesy of SkinSpotlights!

Dreadnova Darius (Hextech Crafting)

Dreadnova Darius


The Dreadnova skin line was first introduced to League in January with the introduction of Dreadnova Gangplank. This time around, Darius is receiving intergalactic powers.


Dreadnova Darius showcases a new model and textures, new particles, new sound effects, and a new recall animation. Around this time last year, Hextech Annie was released. This was the first skin that could only be obtained via the Hextech Crafting system. Since then, Soulstealer Vayne was added to that list, and now Dreadnova Darius will be the third skin that can only be obtained by forging ten purple gemstones together. These gemstones are obtained by opening hextech chests and are pretty rare. Since their release, I have only managed to obtain about seven of them. The super lucky Summoners among us also have a chance to win the Dreadnova Darius skin shard, but the odds of that happening are slim. For those hoping to add this skin to your arsenal, may the odds be in your favor!

New Karma Splash Arts


Some time ago, Riot began revamping really old splash arts to bring them up to par with the game’s current graphics. A lot has changed graphically since League of Legends began. This time around, Karma was due for splash art updates and it looks like we’ll finally be getting them.

Below, I will post the new and old versions of each splash art so that they can be compared.

Sun Goddess Karma

Sun Goddess Karma (new)
Sun Goddess Karma (old)

Sakura Karma

Sakura Karma (new)
Sakura Karma (old)

Traditional Karma

Traditional Karma (new)
Traditional Karma (old)

Order of the Lotus Karma

OotL Karma (new)
OotL Karma (old)

As you can see, the old splash arts absolutely needed to be redone. Their quality was just not up to par with the current standards. Since Order of the Lotus Karma was the newest of these, very little was changed in this splash art. Details near her eyes were the only changes made. I quite like these and think the graphics team did an amazing job.

Patch 7.7 is off to quite the adventurous start. I wonder what we’ll see next. Stay tuned to find out! Which new upcoming update is your favorite?

Photo credit: Surrender at 20

April Fools is Coming to the Rift!

Who isn’t a fan of April Fools Day? Well, let’s be honest. Only the pranksters at heart wait for this holiday to roll around. Regardless of whether or not you’re the prankster or the preyed on, four new skins are making their way into Summoner’s Rift in time for April Fools Day!

First up, we have my personal favorite:

Moo Cow Alistar (975 RP)


Complete with utters, a milk jug, and a bell, there is really not much missing from this hilarious skin. Alistar was a perfect candidate for this skin, being that his default skin is that of a bull. A cow costume on a bull… that is utterly amazing. Come on, that is comic gold.


This skin is scheduled to be 975 RP, complete with a new model and textures, new particle effects, new special effects (SFX) for his recall and dance animations, and a completely new recall and dance animation. I personally wish this skin would have been named “Cowlistar,” but the cow onesie easily makes up for that. Moo Cow Alistar will be moo’in onto the rift in a few weeks. Make room for the cow!

Pug’Maw (975 RP)


Next we have Pug’Maw. Isn’t he adorable and cuddly? Well, you might think that BEFORE you see him projectile vomit tennis balls at other champions. I feel like a nice job was done on this skin. For those who are fans of Kog’Maw, then you are probably getting the best of both worlds because who doesn’t love a cute puppy?


This skin is also scheduled to be 975 RP and will be sporting a new model and textures, brand new particles, a new idle animation and recall, as well as new special effects for the aforementioned idle and recall. Roll over! Play dead! Fetch! You’ll be able to play with your new pet in the coming weeks!

Super Kennen (750 RP)


Here we have Super Kennen. A little, tiny, Yordle version of The Flash! He’s no Barry Allen, but he’s still cute and has super strength in addition to his lightning fast abilities. It doesn’t get much more adorable… umm, excuse me, I meant to say heroic, than throwing lightning bolts at your enemies.


This skin’s price is set at 750 RP and comes with a new model and new textures, new particles on his Q ability, as well as new particles on his basic attacks. Super Kennen will be dashing to Summoner’s Rift soon. He still has some bad guys to beat up before he can make his way to us.

Renektoy (750 RP)


Meet Renektoy, the coolest new action figure on the market! Everyone has a favorite toy, whether it be your desktop computer or a sentimental object from your childhood. Soon, you can add this skin to your collection.  I  really like the simplicity of this skin. Something so simple, yet so cool. I look at this skin and it immediately reminds me of Toy Story, which is all-time favorite film of mine. If you have not seen it, you should! I think Andy would approve.


Renektoy is scheduled to cost 750 RP, and features a new model and textures, new visual effects for his ultimate ability, and new special effects for what may possibly be the saddest death animation you will ever see.

P.S. Do you see what I mean now? Why couldn’t they do this with Alistar? Combine his champion name with his skin name. COWlistar! Come on!

There you have it, Summoners. Summoner’s Rift is sure to be full of fun as April Fools Day approaches. Which skin is your favorite? Let me know!



Welcome to Summoner’s Rift


Whether you’ve been a Summoner for years or are not one at all yet, welcome to Summoner’s Rift! League of Legends is an immersive experience filled with excitement, joy, and sometimes a sprinkle of rage. Well, who am I kidding? More than a sprinkle of rage and more than sometimes! But it is all part of the fun. If you have never played the game, the purpose of this blog is to inform you of everything that will be coming into the game, from new skins to new champions to new game modes and new items. If it’s new, you will find it here! Let’s go over the kinds of content that is usual to League of Legends.

New Champions

In League of Legends, the characters that the player controls are called champions. In some games, these sorts of characters may be referred to as heroes or saviors, but in League, champions do the fighting and rescuing.


About three or four new champions are released each year, each bringing a new gameplay experience to Summoner’s Rift. Champion reveals are arguably the largest and most anticipated new pieces of content that come into League of Legends.

New Skins

Character customization is a desired feature in most games, and in that regard, League of Legends does not fail to deliver. Skins offer the ability to make your desired champion look cosmetically different. They are sort of like a different outfit for champions. Just like there are fashion lines in the real world, there are skin lines in League, with one of the most popular being the Star Guardian skin line, featured in the photo above. It is worth mentioning that skins do cost real money, but when an amazing new outfit is released for your favorite champion, they are too hard to resist! Skins do not alter gameplay at all, they are strictly for cosmetic purposes, so they are not required to play the game.

New Game Modes

There are several different maps that are offered in League of Legends. Maps are where the League matches take place. The most frequently used map is Summoner’s Rift. This map is used for most 5v5 games. In League, though, there are different game modes that can be played. Game modes offer different and unique gameplay experiences.


Some examples of game modes include Ranked, URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) Mode, and Ascension. These game modes each take place on a map, whether that map is completely new or already existing. For instance, URF mode takes place on Summoner’s Rift, but Ascension takes place on a map that is specifically designed for that game mode. Game modes are fun, and everyone has a favorite. What is yours?

New Items

Just like there are specific tools that certain professions require, there are specific items that certain champions require. In League of Legends, items are extremely important. Each champion is required to purchase six items throughout the course of a match that make up a build. These items differ from champion to champion. Occasionally, new items are inducted into the game. These items may have certain stats, passive abilities, or active abilities that make them desirable.

All of these news and more will be located in this blog. Another great resource for League of Legends news and updates is Surrender@20. This site is packed with information and will not disappoint!

I am looking so forward to beginning this journey with all of you! What other content might you like to see?