Welcome to Summoner’s Rift


Whether you’ve been a Summoner for years or are not one at all yet, welcome to Summoner’s Rift! League of Legends is an immersive experience filled with excitement, joy, and sometimes a sprinkle of rage. Well, who am I kidding? More than a sprinkle of rage and more than sometimes! But it is all part of the fun. If you have never played the game, the purpose of this blog is to inform you of everything that will be coming into the game, from new skins to new champions to new game modes and new items. If it’s new, you will find it here! Let’s go over the kinds of content that is usual to League of Legends.

New Champions

In League of Legends, the characters that the player controls are called champions. In some games, these sorts of characters may be referred to as heroes or saviors, but in League, champions do the fighting and rescuing.


About three or four new champions are released each year, each bringing a new gameplay experience to Summoner’s Rift. Champion reveals are arguably the largest and most anticipated new pieces of content that come into League of Legends.

New Skins

Character customization is a desired feature in most games, and in that regard, League of Legends does not fail to deliver. Skins offer the ability to make your desired champion look cosmetically different. They are sort of like a different outfit for champions. Just like there are fashion lines in the real world, there are skin lines in League, with one of the most popular being the Star Guardian skin line, featured in the photo above. It is worth mentioning that skins do cost real money, but when an amazing new outfit is released for your favorite champion, they are too hard to resist! Skins do not alter gameplay at all, they are strictly for cosmetic purposes, so they are not required to play the game.

New Game Modes

There are several different maps that are offered in League of Legends. Maps are where the League matches take place. The most frequently used map is Summoner’s Rift. This map is used for most 5v5 games. In League, though, there are different game modes that can be played. Game modes offer different and unique gameplay experiences.


Some examples of game modes include Ranked, URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) Mode, and Ascension. These game modes each take place on a map, whether that map is completely new or already existing. For instance, URF mode takes place on Summoner’s Rift, but Ascension takes place on a map that is specifically designed for that game mode. Game modes are fun, and everyone has a favorite. What is yours?

New Items

Just like there are specific tools that certain professions require, there are specific items that certain champions require. In League of Legends, items are extremely important. Each champion is required to purchase six items throughout the course of a match that make up a build. These items differ from champion to champion. Occasionally, new items are inducted into the game. These items may have certain stats, passive abilities, or active abilities that make them desirable.

All of these news and more will be located in this blog. Another great resource for League of Legends news and updates is Surrender@20. This site is packed with information and will not disappoint!

I am looking so forward to beginning this journey with all of you! What other content might you like to see?