New Game Mode: Dark Star – Singularity

A few weeks ago, some coding was found for a possible new game mode coming into the game. Last week, that game mode was officially revealed to be Dark Star – Singularity. If you’re a fan of Thresh, get ready for a whole lot of him, and an experience unlike any other in League of Legends.

Game Mode

Dark Star – Singularity will be a 3v3 round-based game mode that will take place on a BRAND NEW MAP called “Cosmic Ruins.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds gorgeous to me. And it is.


Each player will play as Thresh, the Chain Warden. The goal of the game is to hook and flay players as Thresh and feed them to the Dark Star. When fed enough souls, a Singularity will be caused and the universe will end. Exciting!


A player cannot be any other champion besides Thresh. The win condition is in Bo3 format, meaning the best of three rounds. To win a round, 100 points must be gained.

Ability Changes

For this game mode, Thresh’s abilities have been modified as follows:

Q – Death Sentence

  • Cooldown decreased and range increased
  • If a Death Sentence is thrown into the Dark Star, it will be lit on fire, causing it to deal bonus damage
  • The more health an enemy is missing, the further they will be pulled

W – Dark Passage

  • An allied team member will not have to click on a lantern to be saved – this will be done automatically
  • Cooldown has been increased and the ability will not grant a shield

E – Flay

  • The cooldown has been decreased
  • The more health an enemy is missing, the further they will be launched
  • The passive of this ability will charge faster and does more damage

R – The Box

  • This ability is disabled while on the Cosmic Ruins map


Earning Points

Point will be earned by hooking and flaying enemies into the Dark Star.

  • Champions are worth 5 points
  • Abyss Scuttlers are worth 1 point

Other Details

  • Hooking an flaying enemies into the Dark Star will instantly kill them
  • Enemies can ONLY be killed by being thrown into the Dark Star
  • The lower an enemy’s health is, the further they will fly – keep that in mind when planning your strategies
  • The player spawns around the edge of the map and must walk into the Cosmic Ruins from wherever they’d like
  • The player is untargetable while in the spawn area and cannot attack or cast spells until entering the arena
  • Three gravity anchors are positioned around the map. Hooking one of them will automatically pull Thresh to it
  • Elements of progression such as experience, gold, and items are disabled in this game mode
  • The player begins at level 3 and automatically has skill points distributed



So what do you think, Summoners? This has me really excited. It seems promising and fun, and also unlike any other game mode we have ever received in the game. I am looking forward to it. It can’t hurt to try, and kudos to Riot for trying something new. We will be seeing this game mode in Patch 7.9, which is about a week or so away! Get ready to end the world!


*Photos via Surrender at 20