April Fools is Coming to the Rift!

Who isn’t a fan of April Fools Day? Well, let’s be honest. Only the pranksters at heart wait for this holiday to roll around. Regardless of whether or not you’re the prankster or the preyed on, four new skins are making their way into Summoner’s Rift in time for April Fools Day!

First up, we have my personal favorite:

Moo Cow Alistar (975 RP)


Complete with utters, a milk jug, and a bell, there is really not much missing from this hilarious skin. Alistar was a perfect candidate for this skin, being that his default skin is that of a bull. A cow costume on a bull… that is utterly amazing. Come on, that is comic gold.


This skin is scheduled to be 975 RP, complete with a new model and textures, new particle effects, new special effects (SFX) for his recall and dance animations, and a completely new recall and dance animation. I personally wish this skin would have been named “Cowlistar,” but the cow onesie easily makes up for that. Moo Cow Alistar will be moo’in onto the rift in a few weeks. Make room for the cow!

Pug’Maw (975 RP)


Next we have Pug’Maw. Isn’t he adorable and cuddly? Well, you might think that BEFORE you see him projectile vomit tennis balls at other champions. I feel like a nice job was done on this skin. For those who are fans of Kog’Maw, then you are probably getting the best of both worlds because who doesn’t love a cute puppy?


This skin is also scheduled to be 975 RP and will be sporting a new model and textures, brand new particles, a new idle animation and recall, as well as new special effects for the aforementioned idle and recall. Roll over! Play dead! Fetch! You’ll be able to play with your new pet in the coming weeks!

Super Kennen (750 RP)


Here we have Super Kennen. A little, tiny, Yordle version of The Flash! He’s no Barry Allen, but he’s still cute and has super strength in addition to his lightning fast abilities. It doesn’t get much more adorable… umm, excuse me, I meant to say heroic, than throwing lightning bolts at your enemies.


This skin’s price is set at 750 RP and comes with a new model and new textures, new particles on his Q ability, as well as new particles on his basic attacks. Super Kennen will be dashing to Summoner’s Rift soon. He still has some bad guys to beat up before he can make his way to us.

Renektoy (750 RP)


Meet Renektoy, the coolest new action figure on the market! Everyone has a favorite toy, whether it be your desktop computer or a sentimental object from your childhood. Soon, you can add this skin to your collection.  I  really like the simplicity of this skin. Something so simple, yet so cool. I look at this skin and it immediately reminds me of Toy Story, which is all-time favorite film of mine. If you have not seen it, you should! I think Andy would approve.


Renektoy is scheduled to cost 750 RP, and features a new model and textures, new visual effects for his ultimate ability, and new special effects for what may possibly be the saddest death animation you will ever see.

P.S. Do you see what I mean now? Why couldn’t they do this with Alistar? Combine his champion name with his skin name. COWlistar! Come on!

There you have it, Summoners. Summoner’s Rift is sure to be full of fun as April Fools Day approaches. Which skin is your favorite? Let me know!